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    You want to ensure the eggs are cooking and solidifying before you incorporate them, they take about minutes to become opaque. Ideal for making as part of a mezze meal. I absolutely love your blog. In step 6, you say to add chopped tomatoes and tomato paste and stir, Then in step 8 you say to stir tomatoes into eggplant mixture. Looking forward to trying both of your recipes.

  • Mirza Ghasemi Smocked Eggplants Stew
  • Turmeric & Saffron Mirza Ghasemi

  • images shabina mirza ghasemi

    A great Persian dish of soft roasted aubergine in tomato and garlic sauce, with eggs cooked into it at the last minute. Place the aubergines in a roasting tin and roast them whole in the oven minutes.

    Once the aubergines are cooked, score the aubergine skin from stalk to base.

    Mirza Ghasemi is a Persian eggplant and tomato dish that’s very flavorful. The recipe I’m going to show you today is an easy dish made with smoked eggplants called mirza ghasemi.

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    Mirza ghasemi is a Persian eggplant dish with origins in the northern region of Iran. Mirza Ghassemi (Persian: میرزاقاسمی, Mirzā-Ghāsemi) is an Iranian appetizer or main based on tandoori or grilled aubergine (eggplant), distinct to the Northern.
    That will be my today's lunch!

    Tehrani July 1, at PM. Azita January 5, at PM. Mike September 22, at PM.

    Mirza Ghasemi Smocked Eggplants Stew

    When you pour the eggs on, do you keep it on the heat or take off?

    images shabina mirza ghasemi
    I've just discovered your wonderful blog.

    images shabina mirza ghasemi

    Thanks in advance Sam. I am new to Persian cooking, and I have tried your recipes for kashk bademjan, jujeh kaba, and khoresh bademjan. Once cooked, give the mixture one final stir and remove the pan from the heat.

    I have seen recipes using onion for this same dish.

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    Turmeric & Saffron Mirza Ghasemi

    Azita October 12, at PM. Please let me know how it turns out. Azita July 1, at PM. That will be my today's lunch! Print recipe. Shekoufeh jan, thank you so much for your sweet comments.

    images shabina mirza ghasemi

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    images shabina mirza ghasemi
    It is a dish my family continues to enjoy!

    I have four huge eggplants, so I may try it both ways. Anonymous September 7, at PM.

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    The most authentic way to prepare the aubergines is to blister them whole over an open flame either on a barbecue or over a domestic gas hob until blackened and the flesh has softened right through to the centre.

    Place the aubergines in a roasting tin and roast them whole in the oven minutes. Especially with the egg. Print recipe.

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    1. Shabar

      Thanks in advance Sam. As a vegetarian this was one of my favourites when I traveled around Iran last October.