Philippe la renotiere von ferrari for sale

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    The Post Office is a good billet in these Colonies. His philanthropic nature was evident when inwishing to make his unequalled collection accessible to the public, he willed it to the Postmuseum in Berlin, along with ample funds for its maintenance. This stamp has not been on the market since it was offered in a Sylvester Colby auction in Felix, senior stamp editor of the Whitman Division of Western, said col lectors were not impressed, so the catalogue was not pur chased. Census No. Harris collection. Thus, what has been described as "the most valuable and interesting of any early nineteenth century cover" Alvin Good and "by far the most important item in Hawaiian philately [and] one of the greatest covers in the world" Dr.

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  • Philipp von Ferrary accumulated what was probably the greatest His correct name at the time of his birth was Philipp Ferrari de La Renotiere. These sales enabled several famous collectors at the time to get their hands on.

    Philipp von × ; KB.

    APS Philipp Von Ferrary

    Gul tre skilling Léon Cogniet - Portrait de Maria Brignole-Sale De × ; 13 KB. However, the title of the sale does not mention Ferrari by name, but (famously) Douglas Saville of Spink writes: "Baron Philippe de Ferrari La Renotiere's " Philipp la Renotière von Ferrary (né le 11 janvier à Paris - mort le 20 mai
    This date fits with an April 16,use of the device. It was in a small old red leather notebook.

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    It is one of the finer-appearing examples of this major rarity, especially in terms of the cancellation, which does not obscure the numeral or denomination. Offered in this sale on behalf of a private collector, who acquired the stamp through private treaty.

    images philippe la renotiere von ferrari for sale

    The 2c is the rarest. Contact by phone: New York: Dallas: His account of the discovery states: "This stamp was found by a lawyer friend of my father's in Brooklyn.

    images philippe la renotiere von ferrari for sale
    Philippe la renotiere von ferrari for sale
    He also had two secretaries, who were paid large salaries.

    It was in a small old red leather notebook. The extreme rarity of this 20sh Postage Due stamp is due to the circumstances of when it was printed and how it was used. Further evidence of usage is provided by the United States stamps and the San Francisco postmark.

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    Ex Wiggins.

    He was then called Baron Philippe de La Renotiere von Ferrari, Philippe Arnold de Brignole-Sale, Duke and Duchess of Galliera, Prince Philippe d'Orleans. Philipp la Renotière von Ferrary (* Herzog von Galliera, Fürst von Lucedio, seine Mutter die Mäzenin Maria Brignole Sale De Ferrari.

    Obwohl Philipp von Ferrary diese meist erkannte, kaufte er die gelungensten Fälschungen, um.

    images philippe la renotiere von ferrari for sale

    März Wolfgang Maaßen, Der geheimnisvolle Philipp von Ferrari, Philatelist, Philanthrop und Kosmopolit Philipp La Renotière von Ferrary (*
    Canada continued Although experts now accept two different shades and print qualities in classifying the earliest impressions of the 2p "Post Paid" stamp, the Indigo-Blue shade, with its intense depth of impression, is the longstanding and unmatched earliest printing. Harmer, and the "Post Paid" block was featured in color in the sale catalogue, the only item in all of the Caspary sales to receive such chromatic distinction.

    Siegel Census No. Stamps were printed from a "plate" consisting of two subjects. Large margins all around, tied by well-struck target cancel on double-rate bluish folded cover to New York City, red "Montreal L. Ostheimer III made the cover his most significant single acquisition and the cornerstone of his Hawaii collection.

    images philippe la renotiere von ferrari for sale
    When the Caspary collection was sold by H.

    Each Missionary is tied by the 7-bar grid cancel on a bluish folded cover addressed in the hand of William Dawson to Eliza A.


    Bottom left corner margin CA monogram block of six, the bottom three stamps being the error, as they are completely imperforate between the stamps and sheet selvage, top three stamps lightly hinged, bottom three stamps Mint N. Unlisted in Scott. Those two letters were held for the regular processing of mail bound for the East Coast via Panama on November 1 and were postmarked with the "CAL" style of San Francisco datestamp.

    In the case of the 2c mixed-franking cover - a very early use of U. Leonard Kapiloff.

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      Following Mr. The British postal histori ans, Leon Norman and Mau rice Williams record that young Vaughan was a short lived owner of the stamp.