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    This didn't stop him in his later years from capitalizing on his, and his brother's, notoriety, charging admission to see his home. On June 24, Jesse James wrote a letter to the Kansas City Timesclaiming Republicans were persecuting him for his Confederate loyalties by accusing him and Frank of carrying out the robberies. Robert Ford assassin James—Younger Gang. But all stories with "thirteens" can safely be discounted. You may think I tell you this to soften my fate, and strengthen my case before the people, but I do not. Jesse and Frank James

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  • The James–Younger Gang was a notable 19th-century gang of American outlaws that centered around Jesse James and his brother Frank James. The gang was based in the state of Missouri, the home of most of the members.

    Membership fluctuated from robbery to robbery, as the outlaws' raids were. Eventually, the Younger brothers were sentenced to life in prison.

    Jesse James was killed by one of his own gang members.

    Bob Younger. Jim Younger. The gang began in but wasn't called the James-Younger history and included numerous outlaw members that fluctuated from one.
    The response to the Lawrence raid was Order 11 which forcibly depopulated several Missouri counties of anyone sympathetic to, or suspected of being sympathetic to, the Rebels, turning the area into what was called the "Burnt District.

    images james-younger gang members

    The conflict rapidly escalated into a succession of atrocities committed by both sides. To correct errors, the gang telegraphed a report of the Gads Hill robbery to the St. The blast nearly severed the right arm of Zerelda Samuel, the James boys' mother the arm had to be amputated at the elbow that nightand killed their 9-year-old half-brother, Archie Samuel.

    Here they burned a few houses and killed one or two citizens.

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    Snyder a gang turned aside from the main body, entered his yard and shot him.

    images james-younger gang members
    James-younger gang members
    John N.

    The target was the First National Bank of Northfieldwhich was far outside of the gang's usual territory. On every side men were falling, close to them Mr.

    The Final Years of the JamesYounger Gang True West Magazine

    In Jesse James had his third funeral when he was reburied after being exhumed for DNA tests to determine if he was really Jesse James. The six surviving outlaws rode out of town on the Dundas Road toward Millersburg where four of them had spent the night before.

    ODMP Remembers. The gang held up the passengers when the express safe proved to be nearly empty.

    Core members of the James-Younger Gang were Cole Younger, John Jarrett and Jesse and Frank James.

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    Gang personnel varied from robbery to robbery. Jesse James was killed at his home on April 3, in St. Joseph, Missouri when a new member of his gang, Robert Ford, shot him in the back of the head. The James-Younger gang's incredible streak of good luck ran out in Northfield, Minnesota, on September 7th, when the eight-member.
    The gang was based in the state of Missourithe home of most of the members. The six surviving outlaws rode out of town on the Dundas Road toward Millersburg where four of them had spent the night before.

    images james-younger gang members

    Daniels to track the Youngers, posed as cattle buyers. Making of a Confederate Guerrilla. According to some reports J.

    images james-younger gang members
    After several days the gang had only reached the western outskirts of Mankato when they decided to split up despite persistent stories to the contrary, Cole Younger told interviewers that they all agreed to the decision.

    The three robbers then ran out of the bank after hearing the shooting outside and mounted their horses to make a run for it, having taken only several bags of nickels from the bank. This didn't stop him in his later years from capitalizing on his, and his brother's, notoriety, charging admission to see his home.

    JamesYounger GangOutlaws

    At the war's end, Frank James surrendered in Kentucky ; Jesse James attempted to surrender to Union militia but was shot through the lung outside of Lexington, Missouri. They took a little boy from a house on Captain's Creek, near by, and compelled him to guide them into Lawrence.

    Listing the members of the James-Younger gang of outlaws and charting who Jim Younger, James Hardin Younger--born January 15, in Missouri, joined.

    from the autobiography of Cole Younger, one of Quantrill's guerrillas-quite a few of the later James-Younger gang members had been with Quantrill at one time.

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    Cole, Bob, and Jim Younger and Frank and Jesse James we among the members of this gang that robbed trains and banks following the Civil.
    The line of travel from the east, or from Kansas city, passes into the territory by this way. Engineer John Rafferty died in the crash.

    A detachment of state militiamen was dispatched to the town. Through all the years the ex-Confederate guerrilla had been robbing, he'd worn a Union army belt buckle. Kirby Smith, C.

    I have literally lived in the saddle. When Frank was acquitted the first time, for robbery and murder, the public reaction was shock and outrage.

    images james-younger gang members
    A stack of Frank's wanted posters were piled on the floor behind him.

    Also inthe two James brothers moved to the outskirts of Nashville, Tennesseeprobably to save their mother from further raids by detectives. The Heinlein Archives. A short gunfight ended indecisively as the gang escaped. Whicher, March 10, Killing of two Pinkerton agents, W. Paul, Minnesota in early September

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      Shooting from behind cover, they poured a deadly fire on the outlaws. Zerelda Samuel, his mother.

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      The carnage was much worse from the fact that the citizens could not believe that men could be such fiends.

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      From the beginning of the American Civil Warthe state of Missouri had chosen not to secede from the Union but not to fight for it or against it either: its position, as determined by an constitutional convention, was officially neutral.

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      Cole Younger said much the same thing years later and recalled greeting "General Ames" on the street in Northfield just before the robbery. Stiles, T.