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    The Berchtesgaden National Park, billed as "the only National Park in the German Alps", was established in and has gradually become one of Berchtesgaden's largest draws. This hotel has, unfortunately, radically changed the landscape and views in this area. The entrance looks like a little shop. Only the foundation remains today of the main SS guardhouse that originally blocked the main road up from Berchtesgaden see image below. All that remains of the main Platterhof Hotel today is the long wall on the left. Path to Berghof left driveway. For lots of additional information and photos of the Berghof, then and now, see Berghof. The Obersalzberg is about a ten minute drive above Berchtesgaden.

  • Hotel zum Türken
  • Explore the Obersalzberg Nazi ruins and alpine beauty.
  • Bormann/Goering Houses
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  • OBERSALZBERG 2. SS Kaserne and Closed Emergency Exit to the Bunkersystem (3).

    images bormann bunker obersalzberg hotel

    Location: The house of Bormann overlooked Hotel Zum Türken. The road around the area is like a loop; The Berghof and Hotel zum Türken are on the other Map of Obersalzberg bunkers with current buildings marked.

    Martin Bormann's house was just across the road from the Türken Hotel and into the. This charming Alpine hotel stood next door to Hitler's Berghof and witnessed some of on the doorstep: the bunkers under the hotel and the ruins of Hitler's Berghof just Martin Bormann then ordered him to sell the hotel; he refused again.
    Extensive brick ruins were visible, as well as pipework and the remains of a formal garden.

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    The appearance of hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by the author of the information, products or services contained in any hyperlinked web site herein, and the author does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at these locations. This area is all wooded now, but a match can be made with the mountains the ruins of the demolished Platterhof can be seen in the modern view; this view no longer exists today due to the new hotel construction.

    Smaller trucks could pick up their loads at the bottom from the storage and delivered the coal to various buildings of the complex. The left driveway has become a small path that leads to the Berghof ruins.

    Hotel zum Türken

    Therefore it is fenced off and there are multiple warning signs to keep you of the roof or out of the bunker itself. From here, Bormann could keep an eye on everything, including the comings and goings at the Berghof.

    images bormann bunker obersalzberg hotel
    Visitors usually have the place to themselves, since it is unmarked.

    The 25 April raid on the Obersalzberg was massive, consisting of of these huge bombers, the same number used to flatten the city of Kiel ten days previously.

    Explore the Obersalzberg Nazi ruins and alpine beauty.

    The Platterhof, which had been a hostel for visitors to the area, was not destroyed since it had been turned into the General Walker Hotel for US troops after the war.

    The period view shows the original Pension Moritz Platterhof in the left distance, with bare meadows of the Bodnerlehen in between, where the SS Barracks complex would later be built. National Filling Factory No.

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    Berchtesgadener Land Tourismus.

    This house site was ideal for Bormann, as it overlooked Hitler's Berghof and Bormann also had an extensive air raid shelter and bunker system built into This view shows how Bormann's house overlooked the Hotel Zum Türken just below.

    Obersalzberg is a mountainside retreat situated above the market town of Berchtesgaden in By –36 Party Secretary Bormann had all residents of Obersalzberg either support staff, guest houses, underground bunkers, and air raid shelters. Further, the nearby former Hotel zum Türken was turned into quarters to.

    If you ever get to Obersalzburg the Hotel Zum Turken is a MUST visit. For $3 Euros we were allowed to tour Hitler, Goerring, and Martin Bormann's bunkers.
    Click here for more information on the ceremony.

    Bormann/Goering Houses

    It is now a private hotel. The April bombing attack substantially destroyed the house. The building will more than double in size, and the project is expected to last three years, funded by the Bavarian government.

    Path to Berghof left driveway. The pair were to be armed with Mauser 98K rifles fitted with telescopic sights, and each man would carry modified 7. Obersalzberg 2 weergeven op een grotere kaart.

    Hotel Zum Turken, Berchtesgaden TripAdvisor

    images bormann bunker obersalzberg hotel
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    Kempinski activity area former SS barracks. The second driveway, which led to main house, is basically gone, with the exception of a small patch of tarmac just off the edge of the road.

    The 25 April raid on the Obersalzberg was massive, consisting of of these huge bombers, the same number used to flatten the city of Kiel ten days previously. This same side can be seen at the left of the other photo, with the roof and much of the other wood stripped away. Hitler was a vegetarian, so it was obvious there was a need of fresh vegetables near the Berghoff.

    As with most of Obersalzberg, the Hotel zum Turken was heavily Connecting tunnel between Martin Bormann's bunkers and Hitler's personal.

    images bormann bunker obersalzberg hotel

    The coal storage bunker, Obersalzberg, Germany wall, the foundation of the greenhouse, is now a barrier between a hotel and its car park. The Hotel zum Türken, adjacent to the Berghof, which housed 19 of Hitler's Mark inside Martin Bormann's complex of bunkers beneath the.
    The Bormannbunker- exit is hidden in the woods. The hotel construction has radically changed this site - the view below from a similar perspective was taken after the hotel construction.

    Library of Congress. Pen and Sword — via Google Books. The costs went sky high when Martin Bormann decided that the facade of the bunker had to be done all over again for an amazing Views Read Edit View history.

    Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest Then & Now Mark Felton

    Below: The area today pictures: the Hitlerpages,

    images bormann bunker obersalzberg hotel
    Bormann bunker obersalzberg hotel
    Heavily damaged in the bombing raid of April 25,this delightful hotel literally rose from the ashes and is back in operation.

    Hitler lived at the Berghof, not the Eagle's Nest. It is busbut check the listing. With great pride we can announce that the first LandmarkScout book is out! Thanks to Bormann, who had the front of the bunker taken down again, after it was ready, it cost On 4 May, four days after Hitler's suicide in Berlin, retreating SS troops set fire to the villa as Hitler had previously ordered.

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