054 series frigate

    images 054 series frigate

    Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Share this: Twitter Facebook. I see the Chinese taking a very similar design philosophy in both frigates and destroyers- the is even broadly similar in layout, and one of their destroyer classes, the Type B, always reminds me of the Broadswords. Seriously I think the Type 23 Duke class frigate is far superior to the LCS in the surface warfare role against small and large combatants. Country of origin China Entered service Crew men Sea endurance? Also, like all US Navy ships, they lack what any ship more likely would require for littoral ASW operations- an anti-submarine mortar like the Swedish ASW, or preferably, a comprehensive rocket-based underwater self-defence system like the Russian Udav One is forced to wonder just what littoral combat the planners envisioned. These vessels represent a significant improvement over the Type for several reasons. ASW armament is composed of two torpedo tubes, sonar, ASW rockets with a range of 1 m, and a helicopter. April 6, at pm.

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  • Littoral Combat Ship vs. China’s Type Thailand’s Frigate Purchase BeyondDefence
  • Chinese Navy (PLAN) Commissioned its First Upgraded Type A Frigate with new H/PJ11 CIWS
  • The Type /A Frigate Series China’s AllPurpose Surface Combatant

  • The Type A (NATO codename Jiangkai II) frigate is a class of Chinese multi- role frigates, the first of which entered service with the People's Liberation Army.

    Type A Class Guided Missile Frigate

    The Type (NATO Codename Jiangkai I) frigate is a Chinese multi-role warship that were commissioned in the People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force. This analysis uses the Type series frigate as a lens to examine the rapid and deep evolution in Chinese military shipbuilding capability.
    The Type A class has a helipad and hanger that can hold one helicopter: either the s Russian export version of the Kathe Ka, or the s Chinese Z-9C helicopter which was developed from the French Eurocopter AS Dauphin.

    images 054 series frigate

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    Littoral Combat Ship vs. China’s Type Thailand’s Frigate Purchase BeyondDefence

    But then, that has been the issue with the LCS program from the beginning. China has offered Type A frigates to Thailand, Russian, and Malaysia, although no deals have been enacted yet. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

    images 054 series frigate
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    Chinese Navy (PLAN) Commissioned its First Upgraded Type A Frigate with new H/PJ11 CIWS

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    The Type /A series has become the PLA Navy's workhorse surface combatant for the Type B frigate that will likely enter service in the next decade.

    images 054 series frigate

    The Type /A Frigate Series: China's All-Purpose Surface Combatant. Author(s): COLLINS, Gabe; CLEMENS, Morgan; GUNNESS, Kristen. The Type A (Nato reporting name: Jiangkai-II) Class of missile frigates are being built by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard and Huangpu Shipyard for the.
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    Video: 054 series frigate life of China Navy Frigate 054A

    Their competition? The lead ship was commissioned in Liu Zhou It is also a new design with a number of teething problems, while the series and its antecedents have been around for awhile. It is, in the words of one commentator, a million dollar coastguard cutter and minesweeper.

    images 054 series frigate
    Either would be better than the LCS.

    The Type /A Frigate Series China’s AllPurpose Surface Combatant

    Liu Zhou Propulsion and speed. Still, far better than LCS. Whats more the Type 23 can perform all its roles without having to require a change in mission modules.

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